Tangshan Zhicheng Steel Rolling Co., Ltd.
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Established in 1997, Tangshan Zhicheng Steel Rolling Co., Ltd. is a large steel rolling enterprise which engages in producing, researching and developing. The company is located in steel capital, Tangshan, in Huanbohai Economic Area. Adjoined with Tianjin Port, Jingtang Port, and Caifeidian Port, it has a convenient traffic. The area of the company is over 430 mu. The company owns 1.3 billion yuan capital, 12 senior engineers, 3 general engineers, 1300 employees and 120 middle and high level technicians.

The company has 2 rod product lines, 1 strip steel producing line and 1 angle steel production line(6.3#-11#). These producing lines are numerical control automation and among the first rank in our country. The strip steel producing line outfits automation sophisticated equipment provided by Beijing Yezi Oubo Technology and Development Co., Ltd...


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